Mumbai - Goa - Mumbai
An Introduction

Goa – the former Portuguese enclave of Goa, one of India's gems, has enjoyed a prominent place in the travellers' lexicon for many years with its magnificent palm-fringed beaches. Goa has a character quite distinct from the rest of India. Despite four decades of 'liberation' from Portuguese colonial rule, Roman Catholic remains a major religion in Goa, and the people display an easy-going tropical indulgence, humour and civility. Gleaming, Portuguese-style whitewashed churches, paddy fields, dense coconut palm groves, and crumbling forts guarding rocky capes make up the Goan landscape. Markets are lively, colourful affairs, and siesta is widely observed during the hot afternoons. Carnival explodes onto the streets over four riotous days and nights prior to Lent. Goa's history stretches back to the 3rd century BC when it formed part of the Mauryan empire. Later, at the beginning of the Christian era, it was ruled by the Satavahanas of Kolhapur and eventually passed to the Chalukyans of Badami control from 580 to 750 AD. Goa fell to the Muslims for the first time in 1312, but the invaders were forced out in 1370 by Harihara I of the Vijayanagar empire. Goa was the ideal base for the seafaring Portuguese, who arrived in 1510 aiming to control the spice route from the east. Jesuit missionaries led by St Francis Xavier arrived in 1542. The eventual ousting of the Turks, who controlled the trade routes across the Indian Ocean, and the fortunes made from the spice trade led to Goa’s golden age. The colony became the viceregal seat of the Portuguese empire of the east. The Marathas almost vanquished the Portuguese in the 18th century and there was a brief occupation by the British during the Napoleonic Wars in Europe. But, it was not until 1961, when they were ejected by India, that the Portuguese finally disappeared from the subcontinent.

DAY 01:
Arrive GOA
Flight from Mumbai / Delhi

Arrive Goa & meet our representative. Private transfer from airport to hotel. Upon narrival at Hotel Check in & retire for the day.

DAY 02:

Leisurely Breakfast & Full day Visit of the Various Cathedral and Churches of North Goa and also the Capital city of Goa "Panjim". Visit Se Cathedral – the largest of the churches in Old Goa, Church of St. Francis of Assisi, St. Cajetan Church, built in the style of St. Peters Basilican in Rome, Church of Rosary and Nunnery of St. Monica. Overnight at the hotel.

DAY 03:

Breakfast at the hotel. Spend the day at leisure on the Golden Beaches of Goa.

DAY 04:

Breakfast at the hotel. Spend the day at leisure on the Golden Beaches of Goa.

DAY 05:

Breakfast at the hotel. Spend the day at leisure on the Golden Beaches of Goa.

DAY 06:

Leisurely Breakfast, afternoon visit of Spice Plantations in Goa & Lunch. Post Lunch return back to hotel & Free for day. Overnight.

DAY 07:
GOA / Onward Destination
Flight to Mumbai / Delhi

Leisurely Breakfast & free till Noon Hrs, thereafter Check out & Transfer to Goa Airport to Board on your Flight to Delhi or Mumbai {Depending Upon your Exit City}.

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